What is the difference between interior design & decorating?

While interior design and decorating sometimes crossover, for example in the case of choosing the type of stone for bench tops or wall colour, the differences lie primarily with the design of the space. Interior design generally involves designing interior components, sometimes in collaboration with architects and sub-contractors, such as space planning, cabinetry, joinery and architrave profiles, as well as assisting the client with the choice of tap ware and cabinetry hardware. Interior decorating generally involves the choice of soft furnishes, fabric, furniture and wall colour. Decorating aesthetically transforms the space without altering structure or spatial function and generally occurs after the architects and contractors are finished and can involve work with other professionals such as upholsterers and furniture makers in addition to the home or business owners directly.

Why is customisation so expensive?

There are three important elements to customising a piece of furniture; raw material, craftsmanship and design. The design stage should be carefully considered by the designer, taking into consideration, colour, proportion, function and client requirements. The person who manufactures the piece should be a skilled craftsman who generally works with quality products and is therefore able to interpret and execute the design. Due to the nature of this process, materials will be specifically sourced and will be of higher quality than those imported for the purpose of mass manufacturing in addition to the attention to detail to ensure a quality end product. You should consider customising a piece if you can’t find what you’re looking for, have a specific idea in mind or can’t find the quality you’re after in a retail capacity.

I urgently need my space updated. How long will my design take?

This all depends on the type of design services required; whether it is a simple redecoration of soft furnishings or a complete redesign of the space including wall and flooring treatments. Once we establish what’s required after an initial consultation, we can then advise you on the estimated time frame. If you’d like more information about what we offer, follow this link to our Services page. Additionally, head over to our Process page to find out more about how we do things.

How can you achieve longevity in my design?

If you’ve chosen to invest in your space by contracting a designer, the return you can expect is longevity; the end result will be a combination of classic design, client individual style and current trends. The designer will carefully balance these elements to ensure some parts of the design can be interchanged to reflect current seasons and trends and ensure other parts remain a fundamental part of the design as an accurate interpretation of the room and its function.

Any other questions?

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